Group Membership


Group membership provides the opportunity for PAs from the same medical group, office or department to benefit from ConnAPA member services

Annual Fellow membership dues are $125 per member.  If 50% of your practice joins/renews, each member will receive a discounted rate of $100 per member (20% savings).

This is a great opportunity to share with your colleagues the many benefits ConnAPA has to offer!


  • A substantial discount on membership dues, which saves members and medical groups money.
  • Dues help support legislative efforts in the State of Connecticut that continually promotes the PA profession to allow us to advocate for our patients and increase their access to quality, affordable healthcare.
  • Group billing saves administrative time by eliminating reimbursement paperwork for one easy and convenient payment.
  • PAs will have access to an array of benefits that include:

o   Social networking opportunities with other members of the PA profession

o   Affinity programs offering discounts (malpractice and long term disability insurance, car rentals and more)

o   Category I CME opportunities for members only

o   Discounted rate for the Annual Charter Oak Conference


  • Groups must sign up through the group billing program.
  • A group is defined by two or more PAs in a medical group, private office or hospital department.
  • Group must provide a complete list of all PAs to verify 50% participation.


  • For the first year, members will receive a $25 discount off annual dues for every PA joining ConnAPA through the group.  A $15 discount will be applied for every subsequent year of renewal and for new PAs joining the group at a later date, if renewing with the group.  The initial $25 discount applies to new groups only.  The $15 discount applies to all renewing groups.
  • Current members of ConnAPA may renew with the group to receive the $25 discount for the first year of joining the group, as well as the $15 discount for every subsequent year of renewal.
  • Group memberships cannot be combined with any other membership discounts unless noted.


To apply, complete the group enrollment form and submit it to Kirsten Longley at or by calling the ConnAPA Executive office at 860-243-3977.

To take advantage of this group membership program, download a
ConnAPA Group Membership Application HERE.