The Connecticut PA Foundation


The CT PA Foundation (CT PAF) is the philanthropic arm of the Connecticut Academy of PAs.  Incorporated in 1989, the Foundation was an outgrowth of the ConnAPA Scholarship Committee which began awarding scholarships in 1980. Of note, is the fact that ConnAPA was the first state PA chapter to award a scholarship. Over the years, ConnAPA has awarded thousands of dollars in PA school scholarships to Connecticut residents and students. The Foundation is governed by a Board of Trustees comprised of PAs as well as faculty and student representatives from each PA program in Connecticut.

All money raised is for the purpose of scholarship.  Scholarship recipients are selected based on a review of their application, including their curriculum vitae, community service involvement, and their response to an essay question. PA Program verification of active enrollment is required.  Scholarships are presented at the annual Charter Oak Conference sponsored by the Connecticut Academy of Physician Assistants.

The Foundation has held activities such as a Bowl-A-Rama, Wine and Tapas, and other social events to raise additional funds.Since initiating these events, the Foundation has raised thousands of dollars for scholarships.

Mission Statement: The Foundation’s mission is to raise funds and provide scholarship money to qualified students who are enrolled in a  Connecticut Physician Assistant program or Connecticut residents attending an out of state Physician Assistant program.