ConnAPA is currently seeking candidates for the 2024 elections! Click HERE to apply.

Elections Timeline

  • February 1: Open-call for candidates.
  • March 1: All candidate submissions are due.
  • March 15: Deadline for non-members of ConnAPA to join to be eligible to vote in general election.
  • April 1: Candidates and endorsements are announced to the membership and campaigning begins.
  • May 1: Voting begins at 12:01am for contested positions.
  • May 15: Voting ends at 12:00pm and results are reviewed by the elections committee and shared. with the President. Candidates are contacted.
  • Results are announced to the membership by the close of the next business day.

Applications must be submitted before 11:59pm on March 1, 2024. Positions open for election this year and basic requirements are as follows (click the position title for details):


  • A 3 year term, rising to President and then Immediate Past President in years 2 and 3
  • Must have served at least two years on the Board of Directors (not necessarily the last two years)
  • Must be a Fellow member of ConnAPA
  • Must be a Fellow member of the AAPA


  • A 2 year term
  • Must be a Fellow member of ConnAPA
  • Must be a Fellow member of the AAPA

Director-at-Large (4)

  • A 2 year term, with a two consecutive term limit
  • Must be a Fellow, Affiliate, Honorary or Retired member of ConnAPA

Delegate (AAPA House of Delegates) (4)

  • Represent the Connecticut Delegation at the annual AAPA House of Delegates
  • Must be an AAPA Fellow Member
  • See HOD 101 from the AAPA