Survey Response

Thank you for taking our survey! This information is vitally important in ensuring ConnAPA is best serving the PAs of Connecticut. If you are a member, you will receive a report in the near future of the results. If you are not a member, we ask you to please consider joining, as ConnAPA cannot continue to serve Connecticut’s PAs without member support. You can join here.

Raffle Prize Entry

If you would like to be entered in a raffle for completing the survey, please complete this form (which is not in any way linked to your results).

Raffle Prizes include:

  • A four-some in the 2023 ConnAPA Golf Tournament
  • Free ConnAPA year of membership
  • Free registration to the 2023 ConnAPA Charter Oak Conference

Legislative Assistance

If you have a relationship with a Connecticut legislator, and are willing to help the Legislative Committee through that relationship, please complete this form (which is not in any linked to your results).

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