ConnAPA Awards First PA of the Year Award


PA of the Year John McNab (left) with President Jason Prevelige (right)

The PA of the Year Award was created to honor a Connecticut PA, whom is nominated by their peers, for the outstanding service they provide to their patients, colleagues and community.  There were several great nominations for the first presentation of this award. Nominees included Adam Olsen, John McNab, Elizabeth Roessler, Becky Orsulak, and Sarah Ruddy. Each nominee had a narrative submitted by a colleague on their behalf and the ConnAPA Board of Directors met to discuss and vote on the winner. It was a very difficult decision, as any one of the nominees was very deserving.

At the June 7, 2017 ConnAPA Annual Meeting, the inaugural PA of the Year was presented to Mr. John McNab of the transplant service at Hartford Hospital by President Jason Prevelige.

In his nomination, the author, Jaclyn Colfer, had two pages of great words about Mr. McNab. Excerpts include:

“He is not only an incredible practitioner, but finds a way to relate to each patient, providing a brief distraction from the reality that they are facing. He has been known to bring special delicacies to patients with a poor appetite, and rides to the hospital for patients in rejection without transportation…

…John leads by example, never asking anything of his employees that he would not have done himself. He is fair and considerate, often finding common ground in the stressful, complex situations which arise in the workplace….

…He is on the advisory board for the CT Chapter of the National Kidney Foundation. He volunteers for multiple KEEP events…. This year he was publicly acknowledged with a distinguished service award at this year’s gala. He has also been an active member of the CT Chapter of the American Liver Foundation…. He is on the board of his local YMCA and is an elder at his church.”

It is clear that Mr. McNab has dedicated his skills and career to the betterment of others. He has exhibited this through his unwavering dedication to altruism, education of future healthcare providers, extraordinary patient care and involvement in PA leadership at both the employment and professional organization levels.

The ConnAPA Board of Directors congratulates Mr. McNab, and all of the nominees, on successful career paths that have led them to a place where they have gone so far above and beyond that they are worthy of one of the best honors, which is recognition by their peers.