Tricia Marriott, PA-C, MPAS, MJ(Health Law), CHC, DFAAPA

Candidate for Director at Large
Endorsed by the Nomination & Elections Committee


Tricia Marriott PA-C, MPAS, MJ Health Law, CHC, DFAAPA is a 1986 graduate of the Yale PA program with 32 years of clinical experience.  Tricia also served as AAPA Senior Director of Reimbursement Advocacy and Professional Practice and in hospital administrative roles in the Trinity Health System. Tricia is a highly regarded national industry resource, speaker and consultant on a broad spectrum of PA (and APRN) subject areas including scope of practice, utilization strategy and care models, billing and reimbursement, and compliance and regulatory issues. A former ConnAPA President and Legislative Chair, Tricia is currently the Program Director and Associate Professor at the University of Saint Joseph PA Studies Program in West Hartford.

Platform Statement

My experiences as a PA are quite wide-ranging and interesting. The fact of the matter is that almost none of it was intentional; I just did what PAs do, which is step up and step in where needed. The PA profession has a long history of filling gaps, finding ways, and getting things done. It is in our DNA. I firmly believe that the PA profession is sustainable and vital to the US healthcare system. The challenge is engaging stakeholders- and even some of our own- to carry the torch and commit to making things better: better legislation, better understanding of the PA workforce capabilities and benefits, and better access to services for our patients. We all have a responsibility to tell the PA story; it happens to be one of my favorite things to do.

My leadership style is that of a servant leader; I get into the fray and do the work. I find the camaraderie of my fellow PAs, and now my students and fellow PA Faculty, to be energizing and fulfilling. My number one goal, if I had to pick just one for Connecticut, is the elimination of the darned written agreement, a document not worth the paper it is printed on that is nothing but administrative minutiae to be filed in the abyss for posterity. I can think of no value to patient care, nor “protection” for the public that the written agreement provides. During the pandemic, we went a few years without needing one in this state, and no untoward mishaps occurred because of the lack of a written agreement. (I may have just volunteered for the Legislative Committee…)

Thank you for considering me as your Director-At-Large. It would be a privilege to return to the ConnAPA Board and work beside this great group of leaders.