Sarah Adams, MHS, PA-C

Candidate for Representative to AAPA House of Delegates
Endorsed by the Nomination & Elections Committee


Sarah graduated from Quinnipiac University in 2007 after completing the Entry Level Masters PA Program. She began working in Neurosurgery at Neurosurgery, Orthopaedics & Spine Specialists for the last twelve years as the Senior PA. Her practice includes cranial and spinal pathologies and management of both inpatients and outpatients. She covers the OR, ER, critical care and trauma for both of the community hospitals in Waterbury, CT- Saint Mary’s and Waterbury Hospitals. She lectures in neurosurgery as adjunct faculty for the graduate PA program at Quinnipiac University. She has served in multiple capacities on the ConnAPA board prior to being President (Director at Large, Conference Chair) and has served at HOD to represent the PAs of Connecticut the past two years and will be Chief Delegate this year.

Platform Statement

Seeking a continued opportunity to represent the PA of the state of Connecticut at HOD 2025. Having attending previous years and recently moving through the Presidency role of ConnAPA, I believe i have a strong knowledge of the current issues effecting PAs both at the state and national level. I enjoy the opportunity to speak about Connecticut’s success and challenges with fellow delegations and return to the board with updates on the ever changing landscape of our profession. Additionally, I highly enjoy the opportunity to support the state PA student delegates who attend and engage them in advocacy on a national level. Thank you for your time and consideration.