Julia Vanasse, PA-C

Candidate for Director at Large


Julia Vanasse is a Physician Assistant who graduated from the Quinnipiac University PA program with a Master of Health Science degree in 2020. Prior to PA school, she was in the Entry-Level Masters Physician Assistant Program at Quinnipiac University, where she received her Bachelor of Science Degree in Health Sciences, with Biology and Biomedical Science minors. Clinically she has worked in primary care as well as outpatient noninvasive cardiology. She is passionate about preventative medicine, and is hoping to become more involved in the PA professional community.

Platform Statement

I am applying for the Director-at-Large position to become more informed and involved in the PA professional community. After graduating PA school, my primary goal was to gain experience and comfortability working clinically. Doing so over the last 2 years has been both a challenging and rewarding experience, and I feel grateful every day to be part of a profession that I am very passionate about. I now hope to bring the same passion to the ConnAPA organization, to support and advocate for other PAs in the profession. I have a particular interest in education / educational resources, however am looking forward to contributing to the organization in whatever ways are most helpful, if given the opportunity.