Alexis Cardinali, MPAS, PA-C

Candidate for Secretary and Representative to AAPA House of Delegates
Endorsed by the Nomination & Elections Committee


After completing my undergraduate education at the College of the Holy Cross, I attended PA school at Sacred Heart University and was a member of the graduating class of 2020. I was inducted into the Pi Alpha Honor Society at that time as well. Since graduation, I have worked in various settings including family medicine, urgent care, and emergency medicine. I am currently employed full time at St Mary’s Hospital, and work per diem at AFC Urgent Care. I have been a Director at Large for ConnAPA for the past two years. In my free time, I enjoy spending time with family, traveling and staying active. During my clinical year of PA school, my capstone project was published in Neuromodulation, reviewing the efficacy of TENS on various post-cardiothoracic surgery outcomes.

Platform Statement

My name is Alexis Cardinali and I am a PA currently Emergency Medicine in Waterbury, CT and Urgent Care in Fairfield, CT. I received my MPAS from Sacred Heart University in December, 2020 and have been an active member of ConnAPA as Director at Large and Conference Co-Chair and Chair.

While I certainly have enjoyed my time as Director at Large for the past two years, I am hoping to challenge myself by running for Secretary. Taking on this new role will continue to push me to learn more about state and national initiatives, communicate with more students and fellow members through the newsletter, and collaborate with intelligent and passionate individuals to ensure that our profession succeeds.

This year as conference chair has certainly brought about new challenges. I am interacting with more of our memberships and collaborating with our board in new ways. This unfamiliarity has allowed me to see how much there is to learn about my involvement in our state organization, and how important it is to remind my colleagues to step outside of their comfort zone and try something new for the betterment of our profession.

I also hope to advocate for our state and share with my experience with my colleagues in the AAPA House of Delegates. In doing so, I can further immerse myself in local and national PA-focused initiatives, and ultimately better communicate the importance of involvement and advocacy to PAs I work with every day. My goal is to deepen my understanding of the future of our profession as I move forward in my career.

Having grown up in Connecticut and lived here for my whole life, it is important to me that our profession continues to grow and advocates for PAs everywhere. I have been so fortunate to witness the strides our organization has made to remain at the forefront of PA advocacy and advancement, and would feel honored to continue to be a board member!