President’s Award

Awarded in recognition of one’s major contributions to Connecticut PAs and ConnAPA.

Year AwardedRecipient
1996Burdeen Camp, PA-C
1997Ed Hobday, PA-C
1998Dan Mussen,PA-C*
1999Cynthia Booth Lord, PA-C
2000Kathleen Lillicraf, PA-C
2004C. Drew Morton, PA-C; Linda Kowalski (of The Kowalski Group)
2005Dan Mussen, PA-C*
2006Ron Podojil, PA-C
2007Tricia Marriott, PA-C
2008S&S Management Services
2009Bruce Fichandler, PA-C
2011William Kohlhepp, PA-C
2012Jonathan Weber, PA-C
2013Andrew Turczak, PA-C
2014Jason Prevelige, PA-C*
2015Deanna Zimkus, PA-C
2016Johanna D’Addario, PA-C
2017Michael “Mick” Devanney, PA-C
2018Mark Turczak, PA-C
2019Jason Prevelige, PA-C*
2020Sarah Jolly, PA-C
2021Cayla Daniele, PA-C

* Denotes a recipient multiple times