Temporary Permits

A recent graduate of an accredited physician assistant program may apply for a temporary permit which authorizes the holder to practice as a physician assistant only in those settings where the supervising physician is physically present on the premises and is immediately available to the physician assistant when needed. The temporary permit does not authorize the holder to prescribe or dispense drugs and shall be valid only until the issuance of the results of the first certification examination scheduled by the NCCPA following the applicant’s graduation from an accredited physician assistant program.

In order to be eligible for the permit, an individual must meet the eligibility requirements outlined below:

  1. Is an applicant for Connecticut physician assistant licensure;
  2. has graduated from a physician assistant program accredited by the Committee on Allied Health Education and Accreditation of the American Medical Association;
  3. has completed not less than sixty hours of approved didactic instruction in pharmacology for physician assistant practice approved by the Department of Health Services;
  4. holds a baccalaureate or higher degree in any field from a regionally accredited institution of higher education.

Documentation Requirements:
Individuals must arrange for submission of a completed application with fee of $75.00 for a physician assistant temporary permit. The fee must be in the form of a certified check or money order, made payable to “Treasurer, State of Connecticut”. This fee must be separate from the licensure application fee.

No temporary permit will be granted until the applicant has documented satisfactorily all eligibility requirements for licensure except for current certification by the NCCPA.

Note: Official verification of current certification (not a score report) sent directly from the NCCPA to this department is required prior to issuance of licensure. Please ensure that you request this information from NCCPA in a timely manner to prevent a lapse of your temporary permit prior to licensure.T