DEA Information/ License applications

Please note, if you do not intend to write any controlled substances prescriptions, you do not need to apply for such a permit with either the state or DEA. See details here. Please be sure you are familiar with those drugs in the controlled substances categories.

If you are going to write for controlled substances, you must register with both the Department of Consumer Protection and the DEA. When filling out the forms, you should select categories II-V, but be sure that you follow current regulations regarding in which settings you may use specific categories.

Registering with the State

Department of Consumer Protection
Drug Control Division
License Services
165 Capitol Avenue
Hartford CT 06106-1630

There is a $40 fee per year.

State Controlled Substance Registration (PDF)

Registering with the DEA

Boston Division Office
JFK Federal Bldg., Rm E-400
15 New Sudbury Street
Boston MA 02203-0131

DEA website

The fee is $731 for three years.

New Registrations (on-line)
Renewals (on-line)

DEA Registration Questions and Answers