PA Compact

What is the PA Compact?

The PA Compact is a partnership of:

The Compact seeks to create an interstate, occupational licensure system through recognition of existing licensure. States that agree to the Compact will join and offer the ability to practice based on the existing, unencumbered license. As of May 2024, there were 12 states that have joined the Compact, which eclipsed the minimum of seven to formally implement the Compact.

What are ConnAPA’s intentions?

ConnAPA has been working since the Compact was first released to implement it in Connecticut. Such a compact makes a lot of sense in a state such as ours, with so many other states in close proximity. There have been multiple conversations, and strong support from legislators to move the Compact forward in the next legislative session.

For more information

Go to the PA Compact website for an up to date listing of member states and more information on how the Compact operates.