Audrey Douglas, MHS, PA-C

Audrey (O’Doy) Douglas has been a PA since she graduated from the Quinnipiac University Physician Assistant Program with a Master’s Degree in Health Sciences in 1997. During her time at Quinnipiac, she served as the program’s ConnAPA student representative.

She started her undergraduate career as a Biology Major at Trinity College in Hartford, CT.  After graduating in 1993, she worked in research studying nitric oxide with Dr. Steve Rimar at Yale University until attending Quinnipiac.  

Following her graduation from Quinnipiac, she embarked on the journey of becoming President elect for ConnAPA as a new graduate, beginning her as President in 1999.  After her time as ConnAPA President, she was then an active member and subsequent President of the CT Physician Assistant Foundation. 

To begin her professional career as a PA, Audrey attended the Norwalk Hospital/Yale New Haven Hospital Pediatric PA Residency program.  During this year of study, she explored different areas of neonatology and pediatrics at both institutions.  Upon completion, Audrey took a permanent position in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at Yale New Haven Hospital, where she is still currently employed.  She also works with the newborn service at Griffin Hospital. 

She currently resides in Derby with her three daughters.