Committee Descriptions

Membership Committee

The purpose of the Membership Committee is to retain existing members and recruit new members to ConnAPA, asses the status of ConnAPA membership categories, and provide regular reports to the Board on membership status.

Conference Planning & Education Committee

The purpose of the Conference Planning & Education Committee’s is to offer, plan and present continuing medical education seminars for ConnAPA members, non-members, and others as appropriate; and to provide a forum for ConnAPA business meetings.

Audit & Financial Review Committee

The purpose of the Finance Committee is to oversee the overall financial status of the Academy.

Communications & Outreach Committee

The purpose of the Communications & Outreach Committee is to educate, promote, and increase the PA profession among health care professionals and the general public. The committee is tasked with organizing regular print & email newsletters, leverage of social media for communication, and updates to the ConnAPA website.

Student Engagement Committee

The purpose of the Student Engagement Committee is to act as the connection between the Board of Directors and the student membership.

Legislative Committee

The purpose of the Legislative Committee is to establish Connecticut as the premier state for physician assistant practice, to promote the visibility of ConnAPA and the PA profession through legislative endeavors, and to promote full utilization of Connecticut PAs in all practice settings through enabling legislation, improved professional status and appropriate reimbursement.

Constitution, Bylaws & Policy Committee

The purpose of the Constitution and Bylaws Committee is to ensure, as an impartial body, that the Academy functions in accordance with the Constitution and Bylaws as recorded; and that the Academy remains in compliance with the AAPA as a chartered constituent organization.

Nominations & Elections Committee

The purpose of the Nominations and Elections Committee is to conduct all elections of the Academy, ensure that all eligibility requirements for candidacy are met, inform the voting membership annually of the rules and regulations of the election process, and supervise and be responsible for the distribution, collection, and tabulation of ballots for any contested elections.