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Yale Physician Associate Program: ConnAPA Newsletter Spring 2014

Submitted By: Mark Volpe, PA-S and Samantha Werner, PA-S

 Class of 2013 Graduates

 The class of 2013 graduated on December 9th, 2013. They are off to start their careers as new PA-Cs. The keynote speaker for the ceremony was the Connecticut Commissioner of the Department of Public Health, Jewel Mullen, MD, MPH, MPA. While some new graduates are staying in the New Haven area, many of the new graduates are moving to new places including Austin, TX, Asheville, NC, Minneapolis, MN, and New York City.

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Adopt a Family for the Holidays a Success

 During the recent holiday season, the Class of 2015 adopted two local New Haven families and provided them with gifts and other necessities. Thanks to the efforts of a local school social worker, the class obtained a list of desired gifts and items for each family. The class and faculty worked together to purchase these items which were delivered just before the holidays. The class also started a new project and donated toys, food, and blankets to the local New Haven Animal Shelter. The efforts of the class were recently recognized in an AAPA newsletter.

Yale Begins Inter-professional Pilot Program

The Yale School of Medicine Physician Associate Program has begun a pilot study to examine the advantages and disadvantages of an inter-professional longitudinal clinical experience. Groups consisting of a medical student, PA student, and nursing student go to the hospital on a weekly basis to interact with patients on a general medicine floor. Each student takes a patient history, performs a physical exam, and observes and records the other students’ interactions. Though still in its trial stage, the program has been well received by current participants and is encouraging students to work together as a team, start thinking clinically, and realize the unique skills that each profession has to offer in caring for patients. A larger trial period is planned for the Fall of 2014. One current participant stated that “it helps to talk with the other professions now, see how their programs are set up, and hear their misconceptions about the other programs. I think it is really important to be on the same page and understand each other’s backgrounds”.

Class of 2015 Students Win Bow Tie for Charity

The Class of 2015 recently rose over $1600 for the Hunger and Homelessness Auction. The auction raises money from local organizations that address issues including food security and affordable housing for New Haven residents. Dr. Bill Stewart, one of the Yale anatomy professors, auctions off one of his famous bow ties. The Class of 2015 outbid the medical students once again for the bow tie, which will be placed in the lecture hall next to the others from years past.

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Students Enjoy a Relaxing Weekend on the Slopes

It has always been a tradition for Yale PA program to organize social events within and between classes to relieve stress and enjoy some fun outside of the classroom with our classmates during the hectic curriculum. This time the Class of 2014 and Class of 2015 ventured outside of New Haven for a weekend ski trip at the Killington resort in Vermont. Some of us took advantage of the beautiful mountain and skied for both days, while the others enjoyed the many features of the resort such as hot tub and sauna. Regardless of the activities, everyone enjoyed each other’s company and had one relaxing, wonderful getaway!

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Yale Students Lobby for PAs on Capitol Hill

Several first and second year Yale PA students had a great time advocating for PA rights on Capitol Hill and attending the AAPA leadership and advocacy summit in Washington, DC February 27 to March 1, 2014. We were proud to have the largest student representation!

Along with ConnAPA President Andrew Turczak and Vice-President Jason Prevelige, Yale students thanked the legislative staff of Connecticut’s House of Representatives and Senate for their continued support in state rights for Connecticut physician assistants, and further advocated the need for equal opportunities for PAs, NPs and MDs as the need for healthcare providers to be able to work to their highest potential and scope of practice is undeniably a concern going forward with the new influx of patients into the healthcare system.

The AAPA leadership and advocacy summit consisted of several important break-out sessions that students and PA-C attendees could attend which included new legislation affecting PA practice laws, changing Medicare policies and how to educate the public on the role of PAs. A lot of valuable knowledge was gained during the conference which we hope so share with all of our classmates and future PAs!

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