Quinnipiac Physician Assistant Program Students and Grads Travel to Nicaragua as Part of VIMM


Three Generations of the Quinnipiac Physician Assistant Program Take on Developing Country Medicine: La Dalia, Nicaragua

From July 26 to August 2rd, 2014 Quinnipiac University partnered with Jack Gardner, PA-C, and Volunteers in Medical Missions (VIMM) to expose future, current, and alumni QU PA students to the wonderful communities within the region of La Dalia, Nicaragua. The VIMM team included American MDs, PAs, PA Students, and RNs from states all across the country including: California, Connecticut, Florida, Illinois, New Hampshire, and South Carolina.  Of remarkable note was that the American portion of the team included three generations of QU PAs. Emily Fregeau (Entry Level PA Student or ELMPA), Amanda Cote (Graduate Level PA Student), Heather Dimock (Graduate Level PA Student), Jennifer Platt (Graduate Level PA Student), and Kimberly Tschetter, PA-C (Quinnipiac PA Program Alumni). The team also consisted of numerous Nicaraguan interpreters, a Nicaraguan dentist, and a Nicaraguan optometrist. Over the course of four days, this multi-culture team set out to provide medical, dental, and optometry care to the underserved of La Dalia.  During the four days of clinic, the VIMM team treated 1,200 medical patients, performed 159 dental procedures, and measured and gave out 155 pairs of adult glasses.

platt et al
 to R: Heather Dimock, Kimberly Tschetter, Emily Frageau, Amanda Cote, Jennifer Platt