University of Bridgeport PA Institute – Activity Update 1/15


UBPAI Winter Updates
By: Sabrina Butler and Angel Castro

Several students from the Class of 2016 recently returned from a Medical Mission to Panajachel, Guatemala. Students worked in conjunction with the Naturopathic Medicine for Global Health organization. While in Guatemala students volunteered in community clinics, hospitals and rural homes to provide low cost or free care. Students provided patient education on diseases and disease prevention, helped with physical examinations, and aided in creating and implementing treatment plans. Many students were even able to participate in child delivery; the experience was invaluable!

Voila_Capture 2015-01-29_08-23-17_PM
UBPAI students in Panajachel, Guatemala. From Row from Left to Right: Kelly Crimi, Hemal Petal, Jackie Salzillo. Back Row From Left to Right: Tori Clark, Hilary Krombel, Kaitlyn VanAken, Autumn DeGroat, Alison Ballargeon, Kaitlyn Hertford.

Several students from the UBPAI visited the Jettie S. Tisdale Elementary School in Bridgeport on two occasions for Family Nutrition Night and Family Literacy Night. Students at Jettie S. Tisdale, along with their families, joined UBPAI students to learn about healthy eating. The event included several activities such as learning about portion control and balanced meals. Students also learned about the dangers of sugar and how sugar is found in numerous well-liked drink options. UAB PA students also read stories with the elementary students and did arts and crafts. The night ended with a healthy meal for all!

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Students at Family Health Night! Bottom Row From Left to Right: Amanda Bolbotowski, Rachel Katz, Hilary Krombel, Brett Healy, Autumn DeGroat, Back Row From Left to Right: Tori Clark, Alison Baillargeon, Sabrina Butler.

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Students at Family Literacy Night! Bottom Row From Left to Right: Brett Healy. Back Row From Left to Right: Amanda Bolbotowski, Bryan Jennings, Kaitlyn Hertford, Kelly Crimi, Melissa Dukich, Kathryn Samuelson, Matt Hislop, Kevin Rooney.



Students from the Class of 2016 also volunteered at the Thomas Merton Center during Thanksgiving to provide turkeys and a family meal to the community. It was great to make people smile during the holidays!

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Students volunteering at the Merton Center.

Left to Right: Angel Castro, Sabrina Butler, Kaitlyn Becker, Emily Ryan, Amanda Bolbotowski, Brittany Hannon.