Professional Practice Subcommittee

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1. Support the Legislative Committee in its efforts to establish Connecticut as the premier state for physician assistant practice.
2. Promote full utilization of Connecticut physician assistants in all practice settings through improved professional practice and status.

Make Up:

The Professional Practice Subcommittee is made up of fellow members of the Connecticut Academy of Physician Assistants and any interested parties selected by the Chair. Ex officio members include the President and the Legislative Committee Chair.


1. Respond in a timely fashion to Academy members’ inquiries regarding issues relevant to professional practice.
2. Communicate and meet with appropriate organizations as necessary to resolve member complaints.
3. Meet as necessary to conduct business.
4. Establish and maintain liaisons with other health care organizations’ professional practice offices.
5. Report activity to the Legislative Committee.
6. Post appropriate communications to members through ConnAPA’s Newsletter, Web Page, e-mail and direct telephone calls.
7. Maintain files and documentation on pertinent professional related activity.
8. Support AAPA endeavors towards improved professional practice.
9. Attend, as feasible, AAPA conferences on professional practice.
10. Submit annual budget to Legislative Chair.


1. Excellent communication skills.
2. Ability to maintain professional demeanor in potential stressful encounters.
3. Ability to express opinions clearly and concisely.
4. Knowledge of state and federal laws and regulations pertaining to PAs.

Time Commitment:

1. Meet one to two times per year.
2. Attend Legislative Committee meetings as requested by Committee or Subcommittee Chairs
3. Meet or conference call as required to address member problems.
4. Attend meetings with state agencies, health care organizations, fellow members, legal counsel or otherwise as necessary to resolve member problems.

Annual Calendar:

To be determined.