2015 Student Leadership Program Great Success


Saturday, Feb 28th at Quinnipiac University. The event was attended by more than 120 students from seven PA schools: Quinnipiac, University of Bridgeport, Yale, Springfield College, Mercy, Johnson and Wales and Pace. The morning began with students separated into first and second year tracks, with three lectures each. The topics ranged from Contracts and Negotiations and How to Study During clinicals, and more!

Then, the students all convened together for a lecture on how to become a PA leader. The next part of the day was the “open forum.” The speakers for this event were four PAs who all hold managerial roles. Students were allowed to ask questions at the end of the forum. Lunch was served in a buffet style and then students could choose which lunch lecture to attend. Mary Ann Mecca, PA-C presented generational differences in the workplace. Kimberly Tschetter, PA-C presented about travel medicine.

The afternoon then began with, what many students mentioned as their favorite part of the day. The round table discussions brought together 10 PAs from all different medical specialties to sit down in smaller groups with students. This, as in past years, was highly reviewed by the students.

The next speaker was Ben Doolittle, MD. The lecture was about how to prevent burnout. The students loved Dr. Doolittle’s sense of humor.

The day finished up with the 4th annual student challenge bowl. Quinnipiac University took home the challenge bowl cup this year. The event was very informative for all involved.

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