PAs encouraged to join the Medical Reserve Corps


Please join the Medical Reserve Corps to help control the Covid-19 Pandemic and work within your community’s health, preparedness, and response infrastructure. Contact the local Department of Health to volunteer for this national network of volunteers – medical and public health professionals and others – who would help make their communities stronger and healthier during this coronavirus pandemic and every day.

PAs have been affiliated with the Medical Reserve Corps since it was initiated after the 9/11/2001 terrorist attacks. Trained as a part of a team, Volunteer PAs have answered calls for weather emergencies such as hurricanes, wildfires, Ebola virus, and for Covid-19 quarantine case management for patients after hospital treatment.

Now physicians, PAs, nurses, and veterinarians have been asked to volunteer for the vaccination project for Covid-19. Non-medical volunteers are also requested. Among the non-medical chores are Greeters, Forms Distribution, Forms Checkers, Logistics and Inventory Personnel. Contact your local Health Department by telephone or search the internet for a Medical Reserve Corps unit in your region. (search terms: find MRC units) Please Sign Up!

Maryann Ramos, MPH, PA-C Emeritus
Physician Assistants for Latino Health – Director at Large
MRC Volunteer, Greenwich, CT