Maine Military Museum to add Section Dedicated to Medics/Corpsmen and PAs


Dear PA Colleague,
I need your help and support to recognize and honor the heroism and sacrifice made by military medics and corpsmen during their service. The Maine Military Museum located in South Portland, ME is providing us an opportunity to build an Exhibit: My Brother’s Keeper. The Museum is privately owned and fully tax-deductible, funded completely by donations (

The exhibit will be built around a life-scale diorama and will recognize the sacrifices made by “Docs” under fire and caring for wounded comrades. The diorama will include four life-size manikins depicting an injured medic tending to three severely injured comrades. The exhibit will also make extensive use of donated photos, posters and personal memorabilia, uniforms, letters, diaries and medals.

Since former medics and corpsmen pioneered the development and early growth of the PA profession, My Brother’s Keeper will also document how the roles, experiences and the tremendous responsibilities given to each of us became the bedrock of our PA profession.

To make this exhibit a reality we need help in the following ways:

Maine Military Museum:
Donations of uniforms, memorabilia, medals, gear, souvenirs and letters from your service time.
Please consider a financial gift to the Museum that will be used for developing this exhibit. Manikins, moulage material, artwork and media equipment can only be made possible by your donations. It’s fast, simple and secure to donate to the museum from their website homepage select the dropdown under “Museum info” and select Donations.

PA History Society:
The PA History Society (PAHx) will assist s with the recording of your story about your formative years, your military experience and your career as a PA. Oral histories will be a major part of the museum’s audiovisual exhibit. With your permission, your interview and any photos, diaries and letters pertaining specifically to your PA career that are donated to the MBK project will be duplicated and featured on the PA History Society website ( The PAHx will send you a Deed of Gift so that they can accept your donation.

If you’re willing to tell your story, please contact Reg Carter, PAHx Historian Emeritus, Reg will also need volunteer oral historians to help record interviews.

Give me a call, help us shape and build this unique exhibit.
Bill Stanhope, Sp-5 (E-5) July ’61- Jun’64
Duke PA ‘69
Phone #: (404) 242-9692