ConnAPP Leaders attend AAPA 2018 Leadership and Advocacy Summit


AAPA 2018 Leadership and Advocacy Summit Recap

This year’s leadership and advocacy summit was a very successful event. Both myself and Mark Turczak PA-C, Director at Large attended on behalf of ConnAPA. Unlike last year, we returned to Capitol Hill to speak with legislators from Connecticut. The main themes this year were advocating for changes to Medicare laws to allow PAs to prescribe diabetic shoes and home health care for Medicare patients. These topics were well received by the staffers we met with for Representative Larson, Senator Murphy and Senator Blumenthal. Both Mark and myself were able to speak with AAPA staff at Thursday evenings reception. Students from Sacred Heart University, Yale University as well as Yale PA program faculty joined us.

Friday and Saturday brought us back to the conference rooms to partake in multiple discussions regarding Perspectives on Constituent Organization Leadership, Implementing Communications Strategies to Increase Awareness of the PA Profession and Advance State Legislative Agendas among others. This annual  conference is a great learning experience and we look forward to next year’s LAS as well.

Respectfully submitted,

Deanna JC Zimkus, MHS, PA-C, President


Mark Turczak, MHS, PA-C, Director at Large