ConnAPA Seeks PA Help With Practice Issues


ConnAPA Legislative Committee Looking for Input on PA Practice Issues

Because you are a PA in CT, ConnAPA needs your help with an important legislative matter. We are looking to you for past or present examples of PA duties being limited in any way by restrictive interpretations of CT state law.

Some examples of problems like this might be:

– PAs not being allowed to order restraints, medications, therapies, etc, although APRNs have been granted this authority

– APRNs being hired for a possible PA position because the employer thought that they couldn’t bill for PA services, or they thought that PAs aren’t allowed to perform some required function

– nurses, hospitals, or “the state” not accepting PA signatures on forms or orders.

ConnAPA’s aim is to remove barriers to PAs being able, within the health care team, to provide the highest level of care possible. The information you share will be added to the data needed to show that our statutes require improvement.

What problems have you faced in your practice related to CT PA laws?

Thanks! Please e-mail your response to