ConnAPA PAs visit Pfizer Laboratories


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pfizer Laboratories in Groton, CT was host to a group of 11 PAs and PA students on Friday, February 6th, 2015. The three and a half hour tour proved to be fascinating, informative, and illuminating. The tour included an overview of Pfizer’s research and development program, a visit to their anti-counterfeiting laboratory and information about compound management and distribution.

The PAs and students enjoyed the expertise of the scientists, laboratory personnel and knowledgeable guides who took the time to usher them through the enormous plant. From sophisticated laboratory dynamics to 3-D stereotactic modeling, Pfizer combines 3,000 full time employees with 3,000 contractors at this state-of-the-art research facility on a 160-acre site with 2.8 million-square feet of offices and labs.

The tour covered a wide variety of topics from where the stem cells come from used in their research to just how incredibly sophisticated and expensive drug discovery is (The latter point will prove useful the next time someone complains about the cost of prescriptions.).

All attendees agreed it was a valuable and insightful tour.

Rick Pope MPAS, PA-C
CONNAPA member