ConnAPA Efforts Work to Get CT PAs Final Key Element for Maximum Practice


With the passage of  House Bill 5163, the omnibus Department of Public Health technical revisions bill, Section 538, the 2018 General Assembly passed legislation that repeals the cap on the number of Physician Assistants who can be supervised by an individual medical doctor. The current law limits an MD to supervising no more than six PA’s at anyone time. The new law becomes effective July 1, 2018.

The law makes Connecticut one of only a handful of States nationwide to meet all 6 elements that the AAPA recommends for maximum PA practice.



The 6 Key Elements are:

Special thanks go out to Deanna Cichon Zimkus, MHS, PA-C, Dan Mussen, PA, and Jonathan Weber, MA, PA-C, who provided excellent testimony on behalf of ConnAPA.