A message from Johanna D’Addario, ConnAPA Vice President regarding the COVID-19 Epidemic


Dear ConnAPA Members,
As we face each passing day with uncertainty, I encourage you to rely on one another in our PA community for strength, courage, and compassion. At any point, we may be called to action in ways that are scary and unpredictable. Some of you may be struggling to balance the need to keep yourselves and loved ones safe and healthy, while feeling a moral obligation to serve the medical community in its time of great need. Some of you may not have a choice and are already caring for patients with COVID-19. Our neighbors in New York are suffering greatly, and many of us will be affected personally and professionally by this health crisis.
As Governor Andrew Cuomo articulated, “This is a life moment. It’s a moment in the life of this country, a moment in the life of the world, a moment in our family lives, a moment for each of us. Each of us is dealing with it in our own way. My observation has been that when the pressure is on, you really see what people are made of…people can be great when things are great. The question is what does a person do when things aren’t great? What does a person do when the pressure is on them? That’s when you can see a little crack in the foundation of a person. When the pressure is on that little crack, that foundation can crumble. Or, you can see the exact opposite. You can see them get strong. You get to see what they are really made of. You get to see the beauty in people, and you get to see the opposite.”
Let us be inspired by Governor Cuomo, muster our strength, and support one another as we each choose how we will respond.
Here are some information and suggestions for those of you asking how to be strong and help during this time, including the latest information from Governor Lamont’s office.
  • ·        Practice self-care – nourish your body and spirit
  • ·        Reinforce the importance of social distancing to your families, friends, and neighbors
  • ·        If you have a panel of patients, consider writing a letter to offer support and encourage them to stay at home
  • ·        Collect/donate personal protective equipment:
AAPA Donations
National Donations for PPE through AAPA
·        Volunteer your medical services:
If at any time you find yourself struggling or in need of support, please don’t hesitate to reach out to the ConnAPA board for guidance. Finally, as we keep our colleagues in New York in our thoughts, I wanted to end with a poem written by Jenny Mears, a recent alumnus from the Quinnipiac University PA Program (shared with permission). I hope this inspires you as much as it inspires me.
Stay strong – we will hold each other up in spirit, and together, we will get through this.
Johanna D’Addario
ConnAPA Vice President
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The Way We Raise
The way we raise
Our tired heads off of pillows
For the ninth day in a row
Brushing away frightened thoughts
And dressing in flimsy armor
The way we raise
Our hands with inquisitions
For the answers still unknown
The unfamiliar but vital
When every decision carries weight
The way we raise
A reused mask to our face
In hopeful desperation
To contain and be contained
When fear becomes virulent
The way we raise
Your chest with every breath
Air static with possibility
Inhale hope, exhale dismay
Fighting an unforeseen battle
The way we raise
Awareness of the brewing storm
Sheltering to prevent statistics
Advocate, educate, appreciate
Solitude when shared air betrays
The way we raise
A glass to the creative
Many productive generosities
Uniting generations in a time of need
Showing up before being asked
The way we raise
Our flag up to the heavens
Grant the skies infectious sighs
A declaration of no surrender
Tomorrow’s promise earned today
The way we raise
Our hearts up to our sleeves
To see and believe the oath
We swore to stand for humanity
That day we donned our white coats
The support has always been there
Sutures holding close a wound
Prideful resolution to fight
In the name of those we love
So when all is said and done
The world will know forever more
As the human race, we persisted
And together at the close
We’ll stand hands entwined
And you’ll see
The way we rose.
Jenny Mears, PA-C
New York Presbyterian Weill Cornell
Neuro ICU/Covid Unit
We know that this is a trying time with the COVID-19 pandemic and we wanted to make sure that you, your team, and your physicians know that we are here for you and that we are in this together. We want to help you keep your patients out of the ER for any unnecessary visits during this time and we are remaining open to provide our services for your patients with any vascular emergencies and/or lower leg issues. This includes DVT rule-outs and severe skin changes such as ulcers/wounds, even patients with lymphedema. Also, we’re waiving co-pays irrespective of insurance. Attached is more information for you to review.
Here is a list of our closest offices:
Connecticut Academy of PAs| Phone (860) 243-3977 | connapa@ssmgt.com| www.connapa.org