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Welcome to The Legislative Corner!

Legislation is arguably one of the most important functions of the Connecticut Academy of PAs. The Legislative Affairs Committee works tirelessly with our hired lobbyist, The Kowalski Group, to ensure that practice conditions for Connecticut PAs are optimal. It is important that all members are aware of what is happening in this realm of our profession.

This section of the website will be updated regularly as legislative initiatives develop, so please check back for more articles!

2018-2019 Legislative Committee
Michael Devanney, President
Mark Turczak, Vice President
Deanna Zimkus, Immediate Past President
Jason Prevelige, Chair, Legislative Affairs Committee
Dan Mussen, Committee Member
Andrew Turczak, Committee Member

Legislative Corner: Issue 1 –  November 1, 2018


05 17 18 Legislative Report
06 09 17 Legislative Report
04 01 16 Legislative Report
06 08  15 Legislative Report
11 04 14 CT Election Report
09 15 14 Legislative Report
04 07 14 Legislative Report


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