Student Representative

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The Student Representative term is one year.

There will be at least one representative on the Student Affairs Committee from each physician assistant training program in the state

The student representative shall hold one vote on the Board of Directors, except for any issues pertaining to the AAPA.

The Student Representative will serve to communicate student activities to the Board while communicating Board activities to the students.

Responsibilities of the Student Representative shall include but are not limited to:

  • Serve as liaison between the BOD and the constituency.
  • Submit a written or oral report at each BOD meeting.
  • Assist fellow officers as needed.
  • Submit an article at least annually for the ConnAPA newsletter.
  • Attend all officially designated Board and Academy business meetings.
  • Uphold all the responsibilities of a Board Member as outlined in the ConnAPA Bylaws.
  • Maintain and facilitate open communication between the Board and ConnAPA membership.
  • Serve as a member of a committee or committee chairperson if appointed.
  • Provide a report to the President biannually.
  • Provide a report to the general membership at the annual meeting.