PR Committee

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To educate, promote and increase recognition of the Physician Assistant concept/profession among health care professionals and the general public.

Make Up:

The Committee is made up of fellow ConnAPA members and other parties selected by the Chair. The Committee has two subcommittees, which are the Newsletter Committee and the Website Committee. The President is an ex-officio member of the Committee.

  • Promote the PA concept statewide through distribution of printed materials, audiovisual and other mass media tools.
  • Form liaisons with other health care organizations.
  • Identify pertinent contacts in the media.
  • Develop annually material for “National PA Week” October 6th-13th, to be used by the membership and academy in celebrating/promoting PA Week.
  • Preview all information endorsed by ConnAPA intended for the public for consistency with the mission and purpose of the committee and the Academy.
  • Develop and maintain a “Loan Library” of materials about the PA profession and public medical education for the use of the membership. This includes, but is not limited to displays, audiocassettes, CD-ROM, videos, printed materials and photos.
  • Assist Board and other committees in developing public relations endeavors specific for that committee.
  • Provide a report to the President biannually.
  • Provide a report to the general membership at the annual meeting.
  • Establish an annual budget.

Interest and knowledge of basic public relations protocols and procedures.
Self motivated and organized.
Good communication skills.
Excellent writing skills with knowledge of word processing and publisher software.
Ability to speak in public.
Ability to respond unrehearsed to media inquiries.

Time Commitment:

Meet at least four to five times per year at the board meetings.
Attend organizational sponsored activities as necessary to promote ConnAPA or the profession.

Annual Calendar:


PA Day promotion mailing

Preparation and planning for PA Week events
Contact media about special broadcasts/printings (i.e. public service announcements)

Send out Charter Oak Conference (COC) Save the Dates to ConnAPA members, non-member licensed Connecticut PAs, and previous out-of-state COC attendees
PA WEEK 10-06 – 10-13

Brainstorm ideas and gather info for Constituent Organization Award of Achievement
Info here
Application here

Start application for Constituent Organization Award of Achievement
Prepare holiday card mailings

Submit application for Constituent Organization Award of Achievement
Solicit for new committee members as needed

Attend CORE or Capitol Connection, if possible

March – April
Attend Charter Oak Conference (COC)



Budget setting/goal setting for year