Membership Committee

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1. To retain existing members and attract new members to ConnAPA.
2. To asses status of ConnAPA membership categories.
3. To provide regular reports to the Board on membership status.

Make Up:

The Membership Committee is made up of fellow members of ConnAPA selected by the Chair and representatives of the management organization. Ex officio members include the President and Regional Directors.


1. Meet as necessary to discuss, plan, and organize membership activities of the organization.
2. Organize the Regional Representatives and provide information and support so they may produce membership maintenance and renewal programs in their respective districts.
3. Organize annual membership drive including student membership.
4. Communicate to new and existing members on their status with ConnAPA.
5. To review and authorize requests for member change in status.
6. Oversee production of thank-you letters and membership certificates.
7. Conduct public relation activity for membership events with assistance from Public Relations Committee.
8. Prepare brochures and mailings in advance of membership events.
9. Verify applicant status with AAPA.
10. Prepare annual Membership Committee budget with assistance from Treasurer.
11. Provide a report to the President biannually.
12. Provide a report to the general membership at the annual meeting.
13. Act as advocate for issues pertaining to member problems and complaints.


1. Excellent communication skills including ability to speak in public.
2. Familiarity with Microsoft or similar software, e.g. Word, PowerPoint & Publisher.
3. Interest in membership growth.

Time Commitment:

1. Attend Board meetings, annual meeting and regional meetings as necessary to provide assistance to Regional Directors

Annual Calendar:

To be determined