Committee Chair

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The President shall appoint all Committee Chairpersons.

Each Committee Chairperson shall provide the President a report of the committee activity biannually. A detailed summary shall be prepared prior to the annual general membership meeting.

1. The Committee Chair shall conduct the business of the Academy and assignments of the Committee as directed by the President and the Board.
2. Select members of the committee who will best represent the interests of the Academy.


1. Function as a mediator between ConnAPA’s Board and the committee.
2. Select ConnAPA members in good standing to become members of the committee.
3. Identify others participants as necessary to conduct the business and complete the assignments of the committee.
4. Review and revises the goals and objectives of the committee as needed.
5. Submit committee reports to ConnAPA’s Secretary before Board meetings.
6. Attend all officially designated Board and Academy meetings or appoints an alternate from the committee.
7. Facilitate projects for the committee.
8. Provide a report to the President biannually.
9. Provide a report to the general membership at the annual meeting.
10. Establish an annual budget.


1. Strong leadership and diplomacy skills.
2. Ability to delegate assignments.
3. Skills as necessary for specific committee function and assignments.
4. Ability to remain focused on committee assignments.
5. Self motivated, organized and have good communication skills and writing skills.
6. Knowledge of word processing, internet use, and other computer software skills as required for specific committee..

Time Commitment:

1. Attend Board meetings, committee meetings and meeting with outside organizations as necessary.
2. Substantial travel throughout Connecticut.

Annual Calendar:

See Committee Calendar